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guy dragging papercropSwoosh Writing Good Letters of Support for Grants 10 Tips (23 minutes) FREE This webinar presents 10 tips that will not only help you write good letters of support, but will also help you guide your partners in how they can write effective letters of support for your grant applications.
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Top 10 Tips for Grant Writing (36 minutes) Veronica Robbins shares her expertise on grant writing in this webinar. Veronica will walk you through her top ten tips for writing successful your grant proposals. Whether you are a novice grant writer or a seasoned veteran, there is something in this webinar for you!

Grant Research Part I: The Basics (23 minutes) Grant research is a time-consuming process. Finding good prospects to solicit for grant funding requires skill and knowledge. This first of two webinars about grant research focuses on teaching the basics: 1) What to look for and 2) Where to look.

Grant Research Part II: More Effective Techniques (28 minutes) There are more than 100,000 non-profit organizations making grants in the United States. How can you find the ones most likely to give your organization some funding? This webinar will improve your research by teaching you eight key factors for screening out unlikely grant makers.

Master Grant Application Toolbox (22 minutes) This webinar will help you organize all the documents you will need to gather to compile successful and timely grant applications.[/box] Program Evaluation

SwooshTips for Conducting Focus group Interviews (15 minutes) This webinar offers  tips to guide you through the process of conducting focus group interviews. Focus Groups are valuable data-gathering processes for the purposes of program evaluation or for grant planning. [box type="info"]

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10 Tips for Easy Management of Data Systems (32 minutes) This webinar provides 10 useful tips to help you organize a data management system that is as efficient and useful as possible.

Basics of Program Evaluation, Part 1 (30 minutes) The first of a 2-part series focuses on the purpose of a program evaluation, the importance of qualitative and quantitative data, evaluation management plan tips, and the basics of data collection and data management.

Basics of Program Evaluation, Part 2 (36 minutes) Join Veronica Robbins for the second of a 2-part series covering the basics of data analysis and how to use evaluation data to improve your program, to report your success to funders, and to leverage additional funding for your program.

Selecting Assessment Tools (28 minutes) A step-by-step guide to selecting an assessment approach. Veronica Robbins starts with a thorough explanation of the two types of assessments and how to determine which will best serve your specific needs.[/box]


SwooshEffective Boards, Part 1: The Law (11 minutes) The first of a 3-part series, Non-Profit Board Leadership Series – Effective Boards, provided This series is brief and to the point and offers excellent basic training for all board members, particularly new board members. Part 1 explains the legal requirements of board membership.

SwooshEffective Boards, Part 2: The Work (22 minutes)  The second of a 3-part series, Non-Profit Board Leadership Series – Effective Boards. This series is brief and to the point and offers excellent basic training for all board members, particularly new board members. Part 2 focuses on the board's work as a fiscal steward and brand ambassador.

SwooshEffective Boards, Part 3: The Culture (10 minutes) The third of a 3-part series, Non-Profit Board Leadership Series – Effective Boards. This series is brief and to the point and offers excellent basic training for all board members, particularly new board members. Part 3 explores the culture of the board, focusing specifically on the roles of the board chair and committees and the cultivation of prospective board members. [box type="info"]

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Telling Your Story (20 minutes) Kim Tucker from 3Fold Communications shares insights on telling your story to partners, donors, and funders. Information about how to maximize the use of your website is also included.

Working with Media (11 minutes) Do’s and Don’ts about working with media to get the word out about your services.

Is Your Non-Profit a Closed System? (35 minutes) Is your organization responsive to donors and the external environment? Or are you blocking input and feedback? This webinar discusses how to become a more responsive organization through the development of feedback loops.

Tips for Collaborating with School Districts on Grants (32 minutes) Successful collaborators understand their roles and responsibilities, whether they are the applicant or not. Veronica Robbins shows why it's important to understand that the closer you are to the writing process, the more likely it is that your non-profit agency’s needs will be considered. Useful tips on developing a clear vision, communicating effectively with all partners, and recognizing the needs of those same partners will provide you with a road map to success.

Tips for communicating with School Districts for Program Implementation and Evaluation (34 minutes) Designed for non-profit organizations, this webinar guides you through proven methods of gathering data and communicating with school districts. This webinar will help you to overcome communication obstacles. The power of building effective relationships is just one of many tips shared by Veronica Robbins as she leads you through specific strategies related to program implementation and evaluations. [/box][/tab] [tab]

Free eBooks

Cooking Up Winning Grants

Grant Cookbookgreen3small

- This is a mixture of grant writing tips and excellent recipes! How can you go wrong unless you don't download it? It's free!

12 Secrets of Successful Grant Writers

12 Secrets Cover - Proof02
- Are you looking for the secrets of success? Well look no further because you found them!

<tdGrant Research Cover3 -This free white paper serves as a good primer on the topic of grant research.>

Grant Research - A White Paper

Freelance Grant Writing

Freeland Primer Cover

- This free ebook gives aspiring freelance grant writers some pointers on how to get started!

Social Media Marketing eBook

SocialMedia-COVER (2)

-Business owners including Veronica Robbins share ideas about how they are using social media for marketing their businesses.

Choosing a Project Evaluator eBook

-This free eBook gives any program manager some valuable tips on selecting a program evaluator.

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Federal Resources Cover thumbnailFederal Grant Resources eBook This ebook  provides a myriad of federal grant resources where grant seekers can look to find needed resources.







Writing federal grant proposals ebook by the grant goddess


A great ebook specifically about writing federal grant  proposals.










csrr-book-cover-proof02 (3)Veronica is offering a free copy of her popular grant writing ebook to all members!


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